What Do 4 Orange Lights Mean on Google Home?

If you’re wondering “What do four orange lights mean on Google Home?” you’re in luck! These lights indicate various functions on your device. If you see one light, it means the microphone is off. If you see two lights, it means the microphone is on. If all four lights are on, the microphone is on, but you can’t hear anything. When this happens, you can try resetting the device to factory settings.

The lights on Google Home indicate the status of your device. You can use them to troubleshoot various issues and improve your experience. There are three types of lights: red, green, and orange. Each color is made up of a mixture of the other two. Red light and green light combined make yellow light. Recently, Google Home added new tricks, called scenes, which let you group different lighting devices and adjust their color with one command.

If you have multiple Alexa devices, one of the lights might be flashing orange. If the other three are off, it’s time to restart your speaker. A continuous red light is another sign that the microphone is muted. To unmute it, press the privacy button marked with the microphone. The other three lights mean that the speaker has switched into Away Mode. These lights are important when you want to use your device to control a wireless network.

The first thing to check is the serial number. The serial number is usually a ten-digit alphanumeric number, found on the back of your device. If it is, you can get a replacement for free. If it is a Google Home, it is likely that you have an older model. The second type of Google Home is a cheaper, smaller model, called the Google Nest Mini. It was introduced in 2017.

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