The Biggest Problem With Distance Learning in Schools

The biggest problem with distance learning in schools is the difficulty in providing this educational service to all students, including those who are underprivileged. State and federal governments struggle to provide consistent guidance about the best way to make the transition from traditional classrooms to online classrooms. The tradeoffs involved make the process a difficult one. Some districts are better positioned to address these challenges than others. These districts have a stronger technological infrastructure and fewer students who are low-income or of low-income status.

Another challenge is that students have to be independent and responsible. While parents may try to help, it can be difficult to meet every student’s needs, whether it’s a homework assignment or a video message. The absence of an instructor can make students feel disengaged and lose interest in the process. A video message in a social networking site can help them re-engage. Likewise, teachers need to establish explicit expectations for distance learning.

In addition, students need an effective way to voice their comments, questions, or frustrations. Many teachers praised the creativity of their colleagues, but warned that the lack of face-to-face interaction with students could impede their ability to develop meaningful relationships. Furthermore, limiting student access to classroom technology would make students less successful. Therefore, teachers must explore best practices for online learning. Once they understand the challenges, they can implement them in the classroom.

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