SVU Law and Order Special Victims Unit Shirt

Looking to buy an SVU law and order special victims unit t-shirt? This t-shirt features a vintage style with a front and center picture of the crime fighting duo. If you’re new to Law & Order, then this t-shirt is the perfect introduction. A throw pillow also features the crime-fighting duo. A throwback mirror selfie of Mariska Hargitay and Christopher Meloni is sure to catch your eye.

A fan of the show will recognize the famous ‘WWOBD’ question from the episode. It is a classic monologue that can be seen on many t-shirts, mugs, and hats. The “WWOBD” question is printed on the front of the shirt. A black and white illustration of the cast is featured on the back. Stylish and unique, this t-shirt is perfect for fans of the show.

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