How Realistic is the Show Law and Order SVU?

One of the most commonly asked questions is: How realistic is the show Law and Order MVU? The show borrows its plot lines from real-life events and national news stories, but makes significant changes in details to create original scripts. Even the show’s tagline warns viewers that the plots are fictional, but the events often do not take place immediately, but still take place in real-life situations.

The show gets some things right, such as the one-hour time limit of a rape investigation. Other aspects aren’t as accurate. For example, SVU gets the process of DNA evidence from rape victims wrong. Medical professionals gather the evidence from the victims of rape, but they don’t test it promptly and don’t log it according to uniform guidelines.

As for the characters, “SVU” stars some actors who have real-world experience. In real-world New York City, police officers must retire by age 63. This means that they cannot be running after bad guys at 65 years old. That said, “SVU” cast members such as Peter Scanavino and Richard Belzer, were injured in an on-screen chase in real life.

The show features some of the most well-known characters in the law enforcement field. These characters include District Attorney Jack McCoy, Detective Mike Logan, Assistant District Attorney Claire Kincaid, and Detective Lennie Briscoe. The show also features a number of high-profile guest stars, including prominent politicians from New York City. However, if you watch the show, you’ll see some of these issues.

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