Careers That Use Statistics and Probability

There are many careers that make heavy use of probability and statistics Rarbgweb. Some are well-known, but there are also many that aren’t. For example, statistics and probability are often used in government and medical research. Scientists use probability to better understand complex mechanisms and medical experts use probability models to develop new drugs. Physicists use probability to model interactions among subatomic particles. Mathematicians and statisticians help to perfect these theorems Muctau.

Using statistics and probability can help businesses operate more efficiently and profitably. For example, many insurance companies seek to know how likely certain outcomes are. Actuaries, for example, use statistics to balance the profitability of an insurance company’s claim payouts with the cost of maintaining that profit Newshunttimes. And operations research analysts use statistical methods to identify issues and solve business problems in various industries.

As consumer data becomes increasingly complex and valuable, marketing companies are increasingly reliant on statisticians to decipher it. Unlike data scientists, statisticians use mathematics to create a clearer picture. They also help organizations balance risk and reward by balancing the liabilities and benefits of insurance policies

Statistics majors can expect to take courses in probability, statistical concepts, and statistical programming. Coursework in other branches of mathematics is also expected.

The online Master of Applied Statistics program at Penn State prepares students for careers in the fields of applied statistics and data science. The program’s online classes are fully asynchronous and are designed to accommodate the needs of working professionals. Students are free to study from home, in the office, or on the road at their own pace. In addition to flexible scheduling, the online programs allow students to work with faculty who come from diverse backgrounds and perspectives. They can also take advantage of the assistance of faculty members who are experts in the field

The Master of Applied Statistics program emphasizes evidence-based decision-making and data-driven decision-making. Students will learn to interpret statistical data to support business decisions and to analyze complex data sets. They will also develop skills that will enable them to work as research scientists and in a variety of fields.

Graduate certificates allow students to specialize their learning and gain valuable experience. Applied statistics certificate programs build on graduate and undergraduate degrees in mathematics and statistics, and many students pair their certificate with graduate studies in other fields. Graduate programs in applied statistics can be particularly valuable for students pursuing careers in fields like business, economics, and psychology. In addition, those interested in systems science, sociology, and urban studies can benefit from an applied statistics certificate. Ultimately, earning a graduate certificate in applied statistics can help you get ahead in the competitive job market.


The Pennsylvania State University’s Master of Applied Statistics program offers students the chance to further develop their skills, knowledge, and career opportunities. This full-time program blends theoretical and hands-on learning and is recognized as one of the top graduate programs in the world.

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